"1 in 5 high school students have sent and 2 in 5 have received sexually explicit images via cell phone."
University of Utah study, March 2012

"73% of parents are very interested in the ability to block objectionable content from their child's phone."
IGR Consumer Survey, May 2011

"50% of people age 14-24 have experienced digitally abusive behavior."
MTV/AP poll, 2009



Keeping kids safe from explicit content.

As if parents didn't have enough worries, it's become all-too-common for kids to receive or send inappropriate videos, images and text through their smartphones and tablets. This growing threat is virtually impossible for parents and educators to monitor, much less prevent. Fair or not, they're looking to wireless service providers to solve the problem for them.

Until now, wireless device manufacturers have had no way to screen explicit video and images in real-time. And without real-time filtering, it hasn't been feasible to implement these protections.

That's where ImageVision comes in. ImageVision technology occupies a tiny footprint and can be embedded in any smartphone or tablet. Screening, identifying and filtering all explicit video, images and text from all incoming and outgoing data (via browsers, apps, cameras, email, text and instant messaging), ImageVision builds a protective wall around a child's mobile device. No explicit material in. No explicit material out.

Giving your products the competitive edge

Every mobile device manufacturer needs a way to differentiate itself. Offering truly "kid-safe" smartphones and tablets is an ideal way to do so, especially considering the growing demand from families and the education market. ImageVision is the first and only solution that provides the speed and accuracy required for real-time filtering of wireless communications. Embedded on the mobile device, the ImageVision solution not only blocks access to explicit text, images and video through the I/O, it also prevents the user from creating explicit content via the camera and text applications.

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