About Us

Welcome to ImageVision, your visual searching technology of tomorrow’s online and mobile world. We are a software solutions company based in the city of Anna, Texas just North of the Dallas Metroplex area. We are a group of Engineers, Developers, Social Media Directors, Writers, Sales Staff and Support Staff with one common goal, Cleaning up Communications.

We have dedicated our expertise to helping and businesses alike put their focus on their business and families and not illegal or unwanted content.

As a software solutions company, we are the pioneers in the visualsearch industry. We have developed the only solution for identifying and isolating inappropriate content in consumer, enterprise, web publishing, advertising, and mobile communication digital environments. Our EyeGuardian solution is revolutionary in offering the most advanced and comprehensive way to visually search and understand user-generated content. Our technology is designed to monitor, protect and ensure that inappropriate, illicit or unwanted content will not damage the reputation of children, employees or brands. We handle a full array of content detection such as nudity, pornography, sexting, hate speech, logos and violence in online and mobile environments.

Parental Control Solutions for Social Networking

For the consumer population, with our EyeGuardian solution in place, parents will have a valuable tool for monitoring the social networking activity of their child(ren) without the hassle of sorting through every post or message for negative content. As parents ourselves, we understand the dangers found in our children’s digital communications, especially with social networking sites. Using our artificially intelligent recognition engines we have applied the visual searching of content where it offers the biggest threats to our youth Facebook. Our EyeGuardian parental control solution for Facebook will be available soon, if you are interested in the best in parental tools for monitoring your child’s Facebook content, give us a call, we’ll gladly tell you all about it and how you can get signed up and ready for release date!

Parental Control Solutions for the Mobile Messaging Community

For the mobile communications market, ImageVision has dedicated its core values of cleaner communicating to the mobile messaging areas of mobile device use. In the United States nearly all fifty states are battling the question, “How do we stop our youth from harming itself by sexting”. EyeGuardian for the mobile messaging community means that sexting can and will be dealt with before the damage is done. Although ImageVision supports all legislative acts to deter and educate about sexting, we would like to help save the lives and reputations of as many youths as we can. Call and ask your service provider for the best in anti-sexting solutions, tell them you want ImageVision’s EyeGuardian anti-sexting nudity detection, we’ll be here, when will you?

Reputation Control and Brand Protection

For the enterprise and businesses that utilize images and videos, EyeGuardian will help detect any user-generated materials not appropriately associated with the company name or brand. As social networking now the commonplace for many businesses and big brands, companies must additionally monitor how their brands and names are utilized and what their employees and customers are saying about them when participating in networking sites. We believe that businesses should have help with sorting through content without having to read every post or view every picture. The continual search and sort through thousands of comments, posts or images means exponential opportunities for content to become harmful and increasing costs for additional manpower to moderate content. Our automated processes were designed with efficiency and cost-effective strategies to help businesses keep focus on maintaining great goods and services.


Our EyeGuardian suite is revolutionary with its abilities to handle a vast array of content moderation and compliance solutions across Internet and mobile environments whether for businesses or the consumers minimizing risks in use of inappropriate content such as pornography or sexting, violations of acceptable usage policies, and infringement of government regulations. All costly problems for mobile and Internet spaces, let ImageVision visually search first, with you asking questions later.

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